[57north-discuss] Fancy a get together at Hibby's shoebox?

Edward Watson mail at edwilldesign.com
Sat Dec 5 17:27:20 GMT 2015

FYI Hibby has green-lit me probably bringing food stuff to cook up some
mix/match mildish curry dishes from 7, so if you have complimentary food to
add to the cook-up, do bring along. Ed
On 4 Dec 2015 16:10, "Dave Hibberd" <d at vehibberd.com> wrote:

> Howdy y'all!
> We are now in Advent, if you follow the Christmas stuff, and this is my
> last full weekend in Aberdeen until the new year!
> With that in mind, if you're not up to much tomorrow, you're welcome to
> come round to my place and drink tea, soft drinks and/or alcohol. It's a
> bit small, but I've got fibre internets, MPD, a fridge, potentially 8
> chairs and cooking facilities. It's also warmer and more comfy than the
> space.
> You can bring a laptop and hack or just bring yourself and good chat :)
> If you want to swing by, drop me an email or ping me on IRC so I've got
> a vague idea of numbers and stuff.
> If need be, I can go past Costco during the day and pick up a slab of
> alcohol, but that's quite organised!
> Much love,
> Hxx
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