[57north-discuss] Ponderful Hackmas and a Pensive Hackmanay

Doc Ocassi dococassi at boukom.com
Wed Dec 23 12:45:10 GMT 2015

Hello All.

I thought I'd wish you all a whatever, hope you all see in the new year

I have said to a few people in the space, that due to my inability to
attend the 31C3 in hamburg, I have will be opening my flat to anyone who
wants to come by for a tea/coffee, watch any of the talk and interact
with the conference.

A Schedule of the talks and times:

The Wiki for the conference:

You can find all other information about the conference; streaming,
assemblies and projects, will be  on the Wiki.

If you are interested shout me an email, and I'll give you the details.
everyone is welcome, so if you have friend who is interested they will
be welcome too.

Hackerspace rules will apply for the duration of this event.


Doc Ocassi
Email: dococassi at boukom.com
GPG Fingerprint: 4A71 BB35 A6D1 6F85 9DF8  4CD2 E58E 4715 6153 AAA8

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
 - Clarke's 3rd Law.

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