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Carl Anderson email at carlanderson.co.uk
Tue Jul 28 15:07:29 BST 2015

I'll be down this evening; I need to make a power cable.

On 28 July 2015 14:26:50 BST, Doc Ocassi <dococassi at boukom.com> wrote:
>Twos day.
>I'll be down, not sure what I will be doing yet. Possibly playing with
>lights, and maybe audio.
>On 28/07/15 11:03, Tom Jones wrote:
>> Hello Hackers,
>> Again it is Tuesday, 57North's weekly open night. Anyone is welcome
>to come
>> down and see what we get up to.
>> If you are planning to head in fire off a reply to this and let
>everyone else
>> know. This is your chance to let members of the space know what you
>are getting
>> up to.
>> ------
>> We have a quarterly newsletter!
>> You don't have to wait until the deadline to submit articles,
>submissions are
>> So, if you have been somewhere or done something cool submit an
>article. They
>> don't have to be long or well written, just about something hackerish
>you have
>> done.
>> Submit articles to the editor<editor at 57north.co>
>> - [tj]
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