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Peet42 peet42 at netscape.net
Sun Mar 1 16:52:33 UTC 2015

Does anybody have access to a 3D printer that could produce sections about 14" by 8" by 4" or larger?  If they could be "metal-look" that would be a bonus, but if not I'll be looking for somewhere that'll do "Chroming" by the electrostatic process too.

I ask because, as you may not know, since I signed up I've had one of my legs cut off below the knee, and I'm currently resident at ARI.  I don't fancy the look of the "official" prosthetic legs, so I plan to construct a T800 (Terminator) "shell" to fit over the one I have been issued with.  I think this is a project worthy of involving the Hackspace.

For example, I'd like to "acquire" a small low-power piece of electronics that can detect the impact of a step and make a high-brightness red LED fade in and out over about a second.  I would place this inside the "shell" so the LED glowed through any holes.

Anybody who would like to get involved with this project can contact me via (From Monday) Ward 108, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Foresterhill Road, Aberdeen AB25 2ZN, or call me on 0744 339 0028.  (If I don't answer, call again in a couple of minutes - my Blackberry isn't always in reach of my wheelchair...)  Or, of course, just email me at Peet42 at Netscape.net .

Peet McKimmie
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