[57north-discuss] New Semantic MediaWiki for 57North

Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Tue Mar 17 21:47:40 GMT 2015

The discussion here kind of died with us coming to some conclusions in

With a few people there was an agreement that we should be putting the
wiki on a machine controlled by the space (and we could get another
more powerful machine if needed). 

Then, later, Iain and I spoke about a more complicated (but cheaper!)
alternative: we could have the main wiki on hackr as kindly donated by
Iain but have it replicate to another copy on garioch (the space'
current VPS kindly donated by bitfolk) and stick haproxy in the front
to automatically fail over to the replicated backup if/when the
version on hackr ever disappears. This way the space will reliably
have a wiki but if hackr goes away at any point it gets a bit slow for
a while till we get round to setting up a new beefy server. 

Does that sound like an acceptable plan to everyone else?

We have a bit of this implemented: there is a backup copy of the wiki
at wiki-backup.57north.co (but the replication doesn't look to be
working ATM so it's a ways behind the live copy...). The haproxy
setup is still to be done as well (though we could always fail over


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