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Well, on a side note - this is happening in Tillydrone this month:

Tillyzone Smart District Pilot
Partners: Station House Media Unit, Aberdeen City Council
Contact: Dr Paul Gault
We are currently establishing a testbed in a socially deprived area of
Aberdeen – Tillydrone. This consists of a public access wifi roll-out
coupled with a range of community engagement activities to introduce
citizens to the IoT concept. These include community ownership of a
number of smart citizen boards, and school pupil sessions using
Electro Dough. The aim is to stimulate interest and understanding
around the Internet of Things, as a pre-cursor to identifying
community priorities for such solutions. The wifi roll-out is using
existing street furniture (lamp-posts) and many of the access points
will also include an outdoor sending node.

Taken from http://www.dotrural.ac.uk/iot/

If you want more information about the WiFi network please contact me.
If you are interested in the IoT part contact Dr Paul Gault. If you
are interested in the community aspect of the project please contact


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