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Robert Gauld robert at robertgauld.co.uk
Sun Sep 6 18:27:22 BST 2015

1. Your Name (nick):
Robert Gauld, most people call me Rob but I tend to go by RobertGauld
online as I'm just that imaginative:

   - twitter.com/robertgauld
   - github.com/robertgauld

2. Your Background
I'm originally from Sussex where I developed an interest in messing around
with electronics (and later computers and the technical side of theatre)
whilst at school. I came up to Aberdeen for university and fell in love
with the city.

3. Your Hacklab-related Interests
I'm a bit of a geek of all interests, best shown by my current projects:

   - Using a raspberry pi to control a model railway
   - Playing with APRS (my ham license tells me I'm called MM6AOD)
   - Doing the digital maker badge with my Cubs and some Brownies using a
   lego robot and maybe arduino
   - Maintaining a webapp I created to add some features to an online scout
   admin system

4. What knowledge can you bring hacklab community?
With my interests in being a general geek I believe I'm well placed to help
members get started in area they personally are not familiar with but need
for a project they are doing.

5. What do you wish to learn from the hacklab community?
I don't know yet, such is the joy of how my projects tend to go but I'm
looking forward to working on them in a space with little distractions from

6. Link to photo (not essential but useful)

Robert Gauld
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