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lime_ Noldor at gmx.com
Fri Apr 15 16:15:27 BST 2016

Your Name (nick):
Henry B (lime_)
Your Background

I actually did used to live in the West Country, moved to Dundee to
join the Ethical Hacking course, I am moving to Aberdeen to study the
Sciences. Dropped out from Uni when I started having seizures. Lover of
coffee and good food.

Your Hacklab-related Interests

I have an interest in hardware and software hacking, enjoying
contributing to open source software and and finding solutions to
problems I didn't know existed.

What knowledge can you bring hacklab 

Buscuits and coffee making as well as well as extensive wireshark and
nMap experience.

What do you wish to learn from the hacklab community?

I wish to keep up my programming skills and stay in with the more
hackery types when I join my sciences course.

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