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tj tj at enoti.me
Fri Apr 15 16:25:35 BST 2016

Hi Henry, 

This is much better, I can read this one.

> Your Name (nick):
> Henry B (lime_)
> Your Background
> I actually did used to live in the West Country, moved to Dundee to
> join the Ethical Hacking course, I am moving to Aberdeen to study the
> Sciences. Dropped out from Uni when I started having seizures. Lover of
> coffee and good food.

Any idea if there is a coffeenerds group in Aberdeen? I have been
wondering where the great coffee is. Maybe there is no one interested in
making it.
> Your Hacklab-related Interests
> I have an interest in hardware and software hacking, enjoying
> contributing to open source software and and finding solutions to
> problems I didn't know existed.

Any initial projects you are interested in or are you waiting for
something to catch your fancy?

Any areas you know nothing about and want a pointer to get started?

> What knowledge can you bring hacklab 
> Buscuits and coffee making as well as well as extensive wireshark and
> nMap experience.
> What do you wish to learn from the hacklab community?
> I wish to keep up my programming skills and stay in with the more
> hackery types when I join my sciences course.

- [tj]

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