[57north-discuss] Tuesday Openday

Edward William Watson mail at edwardwatson.co.uk
Tue Apr 26 14:13:36 BST 2016

On Apr 26 11:30, Doc Ocassi wrote:
> I will not be along today, but hope many of you will, please give a
> shout out, and have a hacky hackday. 7.00 at the space.

I will not be in either sadly.  I shall instead be cleaning my home for critical inspection from a visiting parent tomorrow. If anyone wants to do some cleaning-fluid hacking, pop on by.

> I was also brought in as a director of the space, at the AGM on Sunday,
> so thanks to everyone who thought that was a good idea, i am still not
> convinced, just remember.

Congrats. I have some cheap Whisky and Hobnobs in my box for when it hits you :)

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