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Andy Gaskell ag at ssofb.co.uk
Tue Dec 6 12:53:01 GMT 2016

Hi :)

I've not been down for ages, so looking forward to catching up with folk
and things.

I've a 40 pin header to solder onto a PiZero, but will probably leave that
for another day.

I recently bought a router (of wood, not electrons) which is a fun toy.  If
anyone has any project ideas, let me know.  I'd been thinking about 57N
sign-age, cutouts and heavy duty stencils, suggestions greatly
appreciated.  That said, I do have to finish building a set of shelves

Re International Consumerism Day, it's ten fold with kids.  Cue
conversations like...

Parent -> Grandparent: So... the kids have loads of stuff, please don't get
them too much
Grandparent buys the entire world
Parent: Aaaargh!
Grandparent -> Parent: Such a shame, kids are so spoilt these days
Parent: Aaaargh!
Kids: Meltdown

...sigh :( at least it's a good excuse to drink more and eat huge amounts
of cheese.


On 6 December 2016 at 10:54, Hibby <d at vehibberd.com> wrote:

> Hello friends!
> It's Advent, a special time reserved for opening weird little "doors" on
> "calendars" as we excitedly count down to International Consumerism Day!
> I intend to be in the hackerspace doing very little of any practical use
> in the most noisy fashion.
> What do you plan on doing in our little shared space this evening?
> Hx
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