[57north-discuss] RE It's Tuesday, you all know what that means.

Doc Ocassi dococassi at boukom.com
Tue Jul 12 20:28:44 BST 2016

You are definitely not a terrible person, I would argue you are the
nicest person in Aberdeen, anyways at least we are all thinking of the
open day.

I have floppy disks, I think, but I won't be in, I can however leave
them in you box when I get back.


On 12/07/16 16:10, Edward Watson wrote:
> Sometime earlier today 'apparently', Docassi wrote:
>> I am not back yet, so if people will be in today for the open day at 7
>> give a shout out.
> So my mailserver didn't receive Doc's email nor your replies earlier
> today due to me not paying my domain renewal :(  That said I would
> have probably started my own thread anyway as I am a terrible person.
> In other news, I have just been given an antique digital camera that
> saves to floppy disk. If anyone has any floppy disks I can test it
> with, they might come in handy this eve :)
> Edx
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