[57north-discuss] [57north-announce] Tuesday Openday.

Mike O'Hagan bmikeohagan at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 7 18:41:11 BST 2016

I can't come tonight - and I might be away next week.

Last week I left my jacket behind - please will you look after it for me?
It is blue, quilted and, actually, the liner to a North Face jacket.


Mike O'H

On 07/06/2016 08:21, Doc Ocassi wrote:

Good Day Everyone,

I'll be down tonight, For the Openday. Who else will be around? it is at
about 7 till late!

Lets Have another Boo, Yay, Woo!

# Boo - What annoyed you this week!

The level of the EU debate, C'mon People we really need to discuss this.

# Yay - What made you happy?

Saw Bombskare on Saturday, nothing short of Awesome.
They are also in the running for the UK's best part-time band.

# Woo - Lets have some mutual Support

Well Done for Thursday, I will try and be down for the next one.

Doc (The Recalcitrant Dove) Ocassi.

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