[57north-discuss] [57north-announce] Tuesday, Open Day!

Hibberd, Dave d at vehibberd.com
Tue Jun 21 09:24:14 BST 2016

> It seems a little like you and Hibby are having a competition to see 
> who
> can post this first.

Is that what this is? It would explain why I considered posting 
yesterday just to get people decent advance warning.

> I don't imagine I will be in, I really need to start putting things 
> into
> boxes. God it is so much work, why do I have all these things? Why 
> don't
> I live out of a small rucksack? I will probably be in.

I did all of my packing on the night of and the morning of the move.
I'm a disorganised mess.
Don't be like me. Throw everything out and live out of a small rucksack.
Just like the Japanese Minimalist guy [1]

Be like him.

...I'll be in, spewing off verbal diarrhoea and drinking Irn Bru. I 
might try to contact Ed on the radio again.


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