[57north-discuss] OT: 2 Rooms to let in Mid Stocket

Calum Chisholm calum.chisholm at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 13:16:56 GMT 2016

Hi all,
Apologies in advance if this is too offtopic for the list - rest assured
I'd be bothering you all with in person this if I wasn't geographically
displaced at present.

I have a flat (or a room in a flat) available to let on Mid Stocket Road
(near the hospital, BBC buildings) if anyone's currently on the lookout.
Details can be found here:


Most importantly, the property has a shed, a garage, and an outside
'washhouse' (with power), so there's potential for housing your own
mini-hacklab (within reason, other tenants and clutter permitting).

Let me know off-list if you're interested or have questions.

Oh, and before anyone asks - no - it's probably not suitable as a new site
for the Space.

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