[57north-discuss] Tuesday

Mike O'Hagan bmikeohagan at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 8 00:27:56 GMT 2016


....before you ask - Yes - I aim to be in Tuesday.

I have been watching YouTubes about hacking CD/DVD drives to make CNC 
machines and fancy a go at making something like the plotter in.....

Micro Mini CNC Plotter - Part 1 - XY Using DVD Steppers
Clayton Darwin

Micro Mini CNC Plotter - Part 2 - Testing Hardware and Software
Clayton Darwin

I have the drives and have started stripping them down.

I have a lot to learn! Any guidance would be welcome.
- What design software do you recommend? I have 3D builder (came with 
Windows 10), Sketch Up (free version), Inkscape and Fritzing.
- What software do I need to make the Gerber(???) files?
- What Arduino motor sheild? The ADAfruit one only runs 2 steppers - 
might need a 3rd for future expansion?
- etc.

See you,

Mike O'H

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