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Andy Gaskell gaskellandy at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 20:11:32 GMT 2016


Sounds good, maybe it is...

32 menzies road torry


77 square metres is a fair size, and ground floor makes for good access.


On 12 Mar 2016 17:12, "Rowan Evenstar" <zenrhe at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have a friend who owns a shop in Tory that's under £350 a month and is
> looking for someone to take over the lease. I don't know the spec, but she
> has passed me her email so you can contact her.
> Info at doggroomeraberdeen.co.uk
> On Fri, 26 Feb 2016 at 23:11, Mike O'Hagan <bmikeohagan at hotmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I can't help you decide, and I am not offering more money but I could
>> help with the fit out - I have tools, time and skills to offer.
>> Mike O'H.
>> On 23/02/2016 23:57, Edward Watson wrote:
>> Apologies all - the previous email has a subject borrowed from my much
>> longer, rough draft. This one is much less terrible -  please consider
>> commenting, we value your input!
>> *Sent on behalf of the 57North Board of Directors*
>> Dear 57N members, visitors and followers
>> As you may know, your directors have been collecting options around
>> moving to a
>> larger space. Our limiting factor has been our relatively low income in a
>> pretty expensive city. Recently, we've been looking into a local unit
>> (half a
>> large room) on George Street above the Eco Hub shop.
>> * The good parts:
>>     - The unit itself is half a first floor room, roughly the same floor
>> area
>>       as our present space but with more height (good for taller
>> storage). It
>>       is up a single flight of stairs via a corridor with space for
>> lockers.
>>       The unit's rear door leads up from a car park, available after 6pm.
>>     - The landlord does not require a deposit and is keen to help and work
>>       alongside a group such like us. He has a number of small projects
>> ideas
>>       he would offer, with kit, to anyone interested e.g. lighting
>> showroom
>>       design, product prototyping and experimenting with fuel cells.
>>     - At this location we'd have control of the outside door so we'd
>> have actual
>>       24/7 access to the space.
>> * The less good parts:
>>     - The unit/room requires us to refit it. We would need to add:
>>         * more power sockets
>>         * network sockets
>>         * storage
>>         * desks
>>       This would have to be done with space volunteers
>>     - We might have to start paying for internet connection, we cannot
>> assume
>>       our current sponsor will transfer our account. We are looking into
>> this
>>       but safer to assume we will lose this.
>>     - The unit is more expensive to rent and the rate will increase as
>> time
>>       goes on.  It is an extra £45 per month initially compared to our
>> current rate and
>>       increases by £70 ontop in 6 months, then by another £50 ontop of
>> that nearer to
>>       2018. This does not include any utilities.
>> We are only just about meeting our present costs, therefore we would need
>> to
>> significantly increase our income prior to moving and have to maintain it
>> once
>> we move.
>> The directors propose we should only consider such a move if we can:
>>     (a) increase our income by an additional £120/month on top of the
>> current,
>>         which will provide us with enough income for approx. 7 months
>> under new
>>         space rent/electric/internet
>>     (b) gather enough interest from members to actually perform the move.
>> Addressing (a), one proposal is to ask members for sustained monthly
>> pledges on
>> top of their usual rate over the next 7 month period totalling £120/month
>> of
>> additional income. Meeting this for the next 7 months would give us
>> breathing
>> room to increase membership and reach for funding.
>> For point (b), we suggest a separate show of hands for people who can
>> commit time, tools, transport and possibly money for materials. It would
>> be
>> a great group project for those that are keen.
>> Comments only please at this stage. If we proceed, we'll arrange for
>> pledges to
>> received privately. Please either reply to this email or contact the
>> directors
>> directly with comments and feedback, using the email below.
>> Regards,
>> The 57North Board
>>   <57north-ctte-private at lists.57north.co>
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