[57north-discuss] Unlock the space door with text message

Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Sun May 8 22:12:11 BST 2016

On Sun, 8 May 2016, at 21:31, Robert McWilliam wrote:
> If you want to try this: log into hackhub and in the "Unlock door" page
> there is a link to get a code, that generates an unlock code (valid  for
> 24 hours) and gives you the number to text it to. Send that message when
> you're outside the door and it should unlock. 

There was a request on IRC for codes to not expire so you can note them
down against the day you want into the space and are unexpectedly
without internets. I've changed that and codes now live until they are

If you do write yours down and then lose them: let me know and I can
cancel them.


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