[57north-discuss] Unlock the space door with text message

Iain R. Learmonth irl at fsfe.org
Sun May 8 22:19:12 BST 2016

Hi All,

On 08/05/16 22:12, Robert McWilliam wrote:
> There was a request on IRC for codes to not expire so you can note them
> down against the day you want into the space and are unexpectedly
> without internets. I've changed that and codes now live until they are
> used. 
> If you do write yours down and then lose them: let me know and I can
> cancel them.

Not sure about other phones, but my phone has a facility to save a draft
text message to a number. Simply save the code as a draft in your phone,
when you're in the space you can use a space desktop to grab another code.

Seems like a sensible workflow and you're less likely to lose your phone
than a bit of paper (hopefully).


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