[57north-discuss] campGND

Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Tue May 10 11:55:08 BST 2016

On Mon, 9 May 2016, at 20:30, tj wrote:
> On site there will be:
>     - Pitches for tents
>     - Power (maybe)
>     - Internet connected Wifi (sometimes)

For power: I have a 400W[0] inverter and am planning to borrow a couple
of batteries from parents - need to see what's spare or which bits of
machinery won't be needed over the weekend that we could steal batteries
from. Should give somewhere in the 1-2kWh ballpark for each battery we
can pilfer. I think that'll be plenty to charge phones, tablets, maybe
the odd laptop. If we are going through batteries too quickly can always
take them up to the house and charge them up again.


[0] well, it claims to be 400W, I wouldn't want to bet on it not
catching fire if you pull 400W from it for very long. It does claim to
have thermal and electrical overload protection to shutdown before it
catches fire, but...

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