[57north-discuss] Visitor From Norwich

tj tj at enoti.me
Wed May 25 20:59:21 BST 2016


Someone would like to visit from the Norwich hackerspace, they have
contacted us on twitter. I am unable to come in tomorrow, but I guess I
can be a go between on twitter. 

@57northhacklab hi Norwich Hackspace member here would anyone be up for
showing me your space tonight or tomorrow night at all? Cheers.

@57NorthHacklab thanks could you send a msg to the list for me asking
anyone happy to host me to contact me on twitter? Thanks if you can.

[1]: https://twitter.com/BenNorcutt/status/735470449870680064
[2]: https://twitter.com/BenNorcutt/status/735559709135081472

- [tj]

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