[57north-discuss] RV_Jones Lecture: Can Computers Change their Minds?

Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Tue May 31 11:31:36 BST 2016

There is a lecture at Aberdeen Uni tomorrow that might be of interest to
some people here:
"Autonomous agents require models of their environment in order to
interpret sensory data and to make plans to achieve their goals,
including anticipating the results of the actions of themselves and
other agents. These models must change when the environment changes,
including their models of other agents, or when their goals change,
since successful problem solving depends on choosing the right
representation of the problem. We are especially interested in
conceptual change,  i.e. a change of the *language* in which the model
is expressed. Failures of reasoning can suggest repairs to faulty
models. Such failures can, for instance, take the form of inferring
something false, failing to infer something true or inference just
taking too long. Professor Bundy will illustrate the automated repair of
faulty models drawing both on work multi-agent planning and on the
evolution of theories of physics."


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