[57north-discuss] [57north-announce] Open Tuesday: Leader of the Free World Election Special

Frank E. Davidson frank.davidson at imaris.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 8 16:16:33 GMT 2016

Good evening people,
I CBB because it's really cold and I don't do winter. 
I have in my possession something belonging to someone else. 
I will therefore endeavour to come in so that can be returned. 

I'll mostly be drinking coffee and chatting rubbish 'n' stuff 'n' tings 'n'
stuff 'n' all that.
I need to try and log a H/W detection fault with Debian which is affecting a
branched OS with security features.
The Debian org doesn't appear to make reporting bugs such an easy task.
Anyone with C720s unable to detect their sound IC when using Debian (Live)
or branched (live) OSes?  Not sure if they have the same audio IC.
I might try and see if I can run Rasbian mini on a 2GB microSD because I
still haven't ordered a proper sized microSD for the Pi. Perhaps a bit of
file jiggery pokery with the Micro SD I have in my fancy new mobile
telephone and various other microSD and SD cards.

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Morning Hackers!

As our American Overlords take to the polls, we shall continue to do what we
do best... Hack and be merry.
Come on down to 57North tonight for our weekly open night - we shall likely
have lively and spirited discussion about current affairs, past affairs, why
affairs are considered immoral by society and probably some software related
nonsense too.

I'll be working on my space-status update push button project and, more
likely than not, talking utter nonsense about nothing in particular at no
one that cares.

What will you be working on tonight?

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