[57north-discuss] Space status on the website

Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Tue Nov 22 15:56:38 GMT 2016

I have taken the space status (open/closed + message) out of the header
of the website. It had confused a few people into thinking that we were
closed more permanently rather than just until someone opened the space

I don't think the status adds much to people looking at the main site to
see who we are or what we do, and for members (or others a bit more
involved) there are plenty of other places to look up the status. 

If anyone wants a "fun" UI design challenge I'd be interested in what
you can come up with for putting the status back on the site in a way
that won't confuse people (I'm vetoing a wall of explanatory text). 

Robert McWilliam      rmcw at allmail.net    www.ormiret.com

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