[57north-discuss] Space projects

Shell Turner cam.turn at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 11:53:54 BST 2016

Hey all,

We were having a conversation last night in the space about space
projects, precisely what the space should provide, and how to provide
a reasonable separation between "space infrastructure" and member

Rob appears very set on the idea that the space as an organisation
should solely provide the physical space itself, Internet access
within the space, access control to the space, member management
tools, the website, the mailing list, and some form of documentation
repository for official-ish space documents (policies and procedures,
meeting minutes, etc).

However, there's a tension in that some members - myself and Iain, for
example - would like to run services for the hackspace. Included in
these are the wiki, Matrix (which people are using!), GNU Social, and
the future infrastructure for SpaceNet. There's also some desire to
play with networking.

I'd like to propose the following:

 * Separate out official space documents from the existing wiki
entirely, and place them in a "documents" section of the website,
making the wiki not part of space infrastructure.
 * Provide subdomains on hackerdeen.org to any member who wants them
using an automated tool, and immediately cease providing further
subdomains on 57north.org.uk or 57north.co (SRV records might be a
different matter).
 * Get the space network off of ChaosVPN, and if there's a desire to
play with networking, someone can build up a networking lab separate
from the space network.
 * Clearly specify in a document and to new members that services
other than the physical space, member management tools, website and
mailing list are member-run projects and the space itself has nothing
to do with them.
 * Allow exceptions where it's difficult or impossible to entirely
separate a project from space infrastructure.
 * Potentially encourage running workshops around member-run projects,
so that people other than the person/people setting it up can actually
learn something

Any comments?


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