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tj tj at enoti.me
Tue Oct 11 09:51:32 BST 2016

On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 09:38:58AM +0100, Hibby wrote:
> Gooooooooood Morning hackers, crackers, makers and bakers!
> It's Tuesday, which means it's time for 57North to open for all.
> We'll be in the hacklab from about 7 onwards, hacking, prodding and
> talking nonsense.
> Tonight I'll be in FreeBSD Corner (the sofa) upgrading my wee hackbook
> to FreeBSD 11 [1].
> While that's happening I might prod at the lights a little more too.
> What'll you be getting up to?

I will be in the space, I am planning to:

	1. See if usb bring up works for this wifi driver I am writing.[3]
or, if that doesn't work.
	2. See if I convince scapy to give me radiotap headers 

This is all predicated on my laptop charger being in the space. If it
isn't I'll step out the window or something.

> [1] https://www.freebsd.org/releases/11.0R/relnotes.html

Yes, please try this release. It is just great and if you really hard
you can find the code I wrote.  If anyone wants help I can give helping
pointers[2], 0xa5a5a5a5a5a5a5a5 and the like.

[2]: https://xkcd.com/138/
[3]: http://adventurist.me/posts/0103

- [tj]

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