[57north-discuss] Interhackspaces xmas swap

Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Tue Oct 18 12:27:45 BST 2016

There is an interhackspace xmas goodies swap being organised where
hackspaces send boxes of goodies to one another.


I (and the couple of people I've talked to about it) think we should
take part. 

I looked up prices for shipping stuff to the continent: 4 boxes about
.33x.33x.25m (a size I have a few of) would be somewhere around £40-50
for the weights I expect it to be (I might be estimating that wildly
wrong). Plus about the same again to put a bottle of whisky in each
box. I think we should be able to cover that if a few people are
willing to chip in - can scale the number of boxes we send up or down
if people are willing to chip in more/less.

What else could we put in the boxes? Anybody got any interesting
things floating around? Want to make stuff?

I think we should be looking at early December to ship them so they
definitely make it to their destinations before Christmas. Say Tuesday
6th Dec for packing?

Tom has volunteered to be collection point for anything we get
sent. We can then have a parcel opening on the last Tuesday before
Christmas (20th), and maybe again later if anything turns up after

Robert McWilliam     rmcw at allmail.net    www.ormiret.com

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it share that
resource equally with the other horses.
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