[57north-discuss] New login system

Shell Turner cam.turn at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 00:34:48 BST 2016

Hey all,

Today, I've enabled 57North ID for HackHub, and imported everyone in.
There are thus some changes:

1. HackHub is on https://hub.57north.org.uk/hub/ instead of hackerdeen.org.

2. The member login link will point you at a login page on
https://id.57north.org.uk. If you use a password manager, it might not
automatically fill out your password due to the change of domain.

3. Anyone with uppercase characters in their username has been
forcibly lowercased. Additionally, lime_ has been renamed to lime.

4. There is a new process for creating member accounts - new members
can create a guest account on https://id.57north.org.uk, then fill in
their legal details by logging into HackHub with that account, at
which point a director can accept them from a new page on the HackHub
admin panel.

Both HackHub and the ID system are now running on finzean, which is to
be a server hosting "critical" infrastructure.

57North ID is an LDAP and CAS server, so additional tools can
authenticate against it, using the same credentials as people
currently use for HackHub. If people are interested in making things
do so, prod me.

Complain at me via IRC if stuff is broken,
Shell n.n

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