[57north-discuss] Social Networking (GNU Social vs. Mastodon)

Iain R. Learmonth irl at fsfe.org
Sun Apr 30 16:24:25 BST 2017

Hi All,

Looking at the GNU Social instance, this hasn't been used in ~6 months. Now
that folk are starting to use Mastodon, I figured now would be a good time
to revisit this. The question here is, would you like to have the GNU Social
instance replaced with a Mastodon instance, or are you excited to try out
talking to your friends on Mastodon from our GNU Social instance?

Integrating Mastodon with CAS is relatively simple, as there is a Ruby Gem
thing for doing this already, it would just need plugging into the existing
authentication framework it uses.

In case you've forgotten and would like to remind yourself, the GNU Social
instance can be found at:


Unfortunately there is not currently an Onion service for this instance as I
haven't looked into how to do Onion services with CAS yet.


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