[57north-discuss] Space Cleaning!

Dave Hibberd d at vehibberd.com
Fri Aug 25 14:40:23 BST 2017


I've been thinking about the space lots recently, as I've had time on my 
hands... so here's the annual reminder email!

It'd be really nice if we were a little better at keeping the place tidier and 
cleaner - it's a bit dusty and nasty at the best of times!

This morning Kev and I have been out and picked up some cleaning supplies and 
dropped them off - there's a mop/bucket, flash cleaner, loads of toilet paper, 
a toilet brush and toilet duck! If things seem a bit manky, please use them!

It'd be nice if we could keep the communal areas cleaner - I'm aware our 
neighbours aren't great at it either, but that's not justification for us not 
cleaning and tidying the space we use!

There's toilet cleaning supplies to keep that nice to use (I wasn't enjoying 
the black scum-line or the green mould...). Can you make sure you clean and 
dry (with paper towels) any mugs you may use and put them away! If there are 
no paper towels // toilet roll left, mention it to one of the directors and 
we'll make sure that the supply is topped up! 

Also, can we all make sure we're not leaving food/drink to get mouldy and 
stink the place up? There was an old Gregg's coffee under the sink (!) that 
was fostering a new civilisation and smelled a lot like vomit! It is now gone! 

Hopefully by putting in a little effort at the boring stuff we can make our 
space more welcoming for old and new members alike!

Much Love

Hx <3
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