[57north-discuss] Fwd: Introducing the Unigeek a Unicorn badge soldering kit

Mike O'Hagan bmikeohagan at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 3 23:21:09 GMT 2017


I got this message about a Unicorn badge with a led & I thought "what a good Christmas present for the Hack Lab guys" - but then I saw the price - say 10 pc @ £9 each = £90 - you could buy 1/2 an oscilloscope for that!

I'm not now going to buy you one for Christmas - sorry....
but I AM up for contributing towards an oscilloscope for the HackLab - anyone else want to help?

They might be suitable the Christmas boxes you are sending out though?

See you Tuesday (STA),

Mike O'H
079 200 90 260

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We'd like to introduce to you our new soldering kit, the Unigeek. The Unigeek is a simple unicorn badge soldering kit. It has a single rainbow effect LED, battery clip and pin back with clip.

The unique thing about this kit is the PCB. We have been searching for a manufacturer who could produce a multi-coloured PCB at a reasonable price and finally we've found one and this is the first result. The unicorn's mane is made up of 6 colours.

[Unigeek soldering kit]<https://www.proto-pic.co.uk/unigeek-a-unicorn-badge-soldering-kit.html>

You can pick one up here: https://www.proto-pic.co.uk/unigeek-a-unicorn-badge-soldering-kit.html

You can view the how to video here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/N8ijdrnVFbg



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