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Doc Ocassi dococassi at boukom.com
Tue Dec 12 17:11:11 GMT 2017

Hello all

I'll be on today and will have the air monitor, and as long as nobody mentions Christmas I'll be in a good mood.


On 12 December 2017 16:28:36 GMT, Edward Watson <mail at edwardwatson.co.uk> wrote:
>It is Tuesday once more. A day of hacking and rude exchanges about
>which programming language sucks the least.
>My favourite language today is lisp - the language built exclusively
>to run video rental store databases skynet-style. PHP7 also looks good
>so far from my position of general ignorance (ducks to avoid flying
>bricks). Python runs our 'the matrix' so we don't count that.
>The space will be open to any and all who would like to visit from
>around 19:00. If you haven't been along before, it's best to bring a
>laptop and/or a project. Just bringing yourself is good too tho  :)
>I will not be there as I need my fibre internets for important tasking
>at home. I'll be IRC'ing tho - come join us!
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