[57north-discuss] Member Application Intro

Peter Drysdale pdrysdale at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 17:14:03 GMT 2017

1. Your Name (nick):

Peter Drysdale

 2. Your Background

Been in Aberdeen most of my life. Been interested in all things
technical from an early age.
I get paid to program computers, have fun playing with anything
technical. Have previously worked/played in a variety of areas -
Opened an ISP (and a bar), kept networks running for various people,
programmed most things that can be programmed, and helped build
multi-ton subsea robots. :)

 3. Your Hacklab-related Interests

Chatting about all things technical and hopefully finishing some of my
large number of incomplete projects.

 4. What knowledge can you bring hacklab community?

What do you want? Good knowledge of a large number of programming
languages, in depth knowledge of many items of cheap home automation
hardware, good with networks (though from last week, I think you have
that covered), horse riding tips. :p Oh and a very loose grip on the
concept of stopping talking.

 5. What do you wish to learn from the hacklab community?

Improve my electronics know-how mainly, and access to a number of like
minded individuals to discuss ridiculously over-speced/under-priced
projects with.

 6. Link to photo (not essential but useful)

<Space Intentional Left Blank> ;)

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