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Tony Travis tony.travis at minke-informatics.co.uk
Tue Feb 28 12:18:42 GMT 2017

On 28/02/17 11:30, Dave Hibberd wrote:
> [...]
> If you're coming in, feel free to reply and tell us all what you're
> planning to do.

Hi, Hibby.

I'll be in bragging about my skill replacing the cooling fan in my HP
dm4 Beats Edition laptop and confessing that it took me so long because
the eBay supplier I bought the replacement fan for *exactly* my model of
laptop sent the wrong fan! Got the new fan and fitted it on Monday.

I replaced the 750GB HDD with a 250GB SSD while I had it in bits :-)

Now got 2 at SSD:

> root at beluga:~# lshw -short -C disk
> H/W path               Device     Class          Description
> ============================================================
> /0/1/0.0.0             /dev/sda   disk           240GB ST240HM000-1G515
> /0/2/0.0.0             /dev/sdb   disk           250GB CT250BX100SSD1

Interestingly, the Crucial CT250BX100SSD1 is only half the speed of the
Seagate ST240HM000-1G515 - Probably because it was half of the cost(!).



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