[57north-discuss] FridaySpace 2017-07-14

Edward Watson mail at edwardwatson.co.uk
Fri Jul 14 11:03:22 BST 2017

In a former life maybe, but I am convinced that stripped of casing
with enough poly-plastic and traditional countryside head-dress thrown
at it, one can change it's destiny.

On 14 July 2017 at 10:56, Dave Hibberd <d at vehibberd.com> wrote:
> Clearly they will always be known as the Porn Goggles.
> On Fri, 14 Jul 2017, at 10:54 AM, Edward Watson wrote:
>> On 14 July 2017 at 10:33, Dave Hibberd <d at vehibberd.com> wrote:
>> > You should come and do the thing too!
>> I'll be there from 6/6:30ish drinking shandy and continuing the
>> building of my hacky, flat cap embedded, dual screen version of a
>> google glass for SHA2017 camp. Candidate project names include:
>> RasPI-Visor, NordinLens, Specular Cap and OggleGoggles,
>> Cheers,
>> Nordin.
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