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Theodore Dounas dounas at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 20:40:57 BST 2017

Hi Everyone,
I visited the space on Tuesday- here is the formal stuff for membership.

Name: Arlav

Background: I am an architect originally from Greece where I practiced.
Long time Blender and UNIX/Linux user on the creative arts, I set up a new
department of Architecture in Suzhou, China where I lived for 6 years. Now
in Aberdeen where I hope unicorns will continue to want to talk to me since
I carry an unexpendable supply of digitally crafted sugar cubes, made in

Hacklab Interests: I would like to dive into python a lot more, build
better scripts for blender, build a Prusa 3d printer and maybe a CNC or
laser cutter. I enjoy open source processes more so when one uses something
for reasons other than the ones the object was intended for.

Knowledge to bring in: CAD, 3d modeling, rendering and animation,
digital-physical making along with generative systems in architecture (and

What do I wish to learn: Becoming better in Python, running automated
systems, and anything that has to do with a digital -physical unicorns.

Photo: You can google or Baidu for a gazillion of my photographs. However,
I do not have a unicorn approved one, so there.

Dounas Theodore
Architect Engineer
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