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Hibby d at vehibberd.com
Wed Apr 4 14:20:54 BST 2018

After discussing this in work, something was raised that'd be a good consideration

We should, when investigating contract stuff, check his terms of lease and see who is liable for building repairs (and, if it's him, do not let that flow down to us). 

Building repairs are expensive and none of us can afford that nonsense. 


On Tue, 3 Apr 2018, at 10:15 PM, Edward Watson wrote:
> Dear Members
> The directors were notified of a potential new space location just off
> Skene Terrace, underneath 'Engage gaming' [1], a local business
> providing PC/console gaming facilities - basically gaming hardware,
> desks, soft seating and a bar. We visited the location last week and
> have composed a short review of the main points for discussion with
> the membership.
> The Skene Terrace entrance [2] - which would be our lockable point of
> entry - overlooks the Union Terrace/Rosemount Viaduct junction and
> across that, the library. The street entrance leads to a wide
> stairwell landing, between two flights. Going up a flight takes you to
> a toilet/shower area and a few further flights up take you to the
> Engage gaming floor. Going down a single flight takes you to the
> basement entrance. Inside and ahead of the basement entrance is a 2m
> by 5m (approx) irregularly-shaped room with section of glass bricks as
> a vent/window to the upper-left. Inside and to the right of the
> basement entrance, a short 3m x 1.5m (approx) corridor connects to a
> 5.5m x 3m (approx) main room with one far stone wall, the rest
> plaster-boarded.
> Points discussed with the business owner:
>  - Rent: £300 / mnth inc. reasonable* Internet, water and reasonable*
> electric use
>  - Would be a sublease, we can have paperwork to suit our needs (From
> rolling to N mth lease)
>  - Business owner renews his 12month lease in July (early July we think)
>  - We can redecorate
>  - We can add our own street door lock for out-of-hours access
>  - We can add power/data lines as needed
>  - We can occupy early before renting for the move/decoration
>  - There is less-secure understair storage between street door and
> basement door, and a little
>     more on the toilet/shower floor two flights up
>  - local parking free from 8pm, paid parking at Denburn and streetside.
> * = Internet can be metered but electric is not metered for basement at present.
> Points discussed after visit by those present in the hacklab:
>  - Seems viable in terms of space and cost
>  - Would need to mitigate possible forced move risks (business might
> move address etc) with
>    some plan Bs
>  - If viable, a lease start date from July after a June fitting/moving
> might work.
>  - Current space would need a fixup if we want deposit back
> Directors are planning to visit a second time and will notify members
> when a date is confirmed so members have an opportunity to view the
> area also. We are currently aiming for April 17th.
> Regards,
> The 57North Board of Directors
> [1] http://engagegaming.gg
> [2] https://nordintown.com/s/basement (png from 57°08'51.3"N 2°06'23.1"W)
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