[57north-discuss] Electronics stuff

Andrea Faulds ajf at ajf.me
Sun Jan 21 17:03:22 GMT 2018

Hi there,

I have far too many interests and am also generally lazy and so I haven't been to 57N in a while and am not a member right now.

But, I have a bunch of useful electronics parts:


There's two Arduinos (one is a clone I seem to remember being somehow faulty but it may have just been the AVR), an additional AVR (maybe the faulty one, I forget), four PICs, a character LCD, a PICkit PIC programmer, LEDs, resistors, wire, five shift registers, three breadboards, buttons, a red/green 8x8 LED matrix, etc.

I can't be bothered to sell these, and while I might find some use for them eventually, right now they're not being put to any use, my only electronics project plans need much much smaller components, and I also want to clear out stuff from my room in anticipation of potentially emigrating, so…

Could I donate all this stuff to the space or one of you? They're useful parts and I'm sure you all could make much better use of them :)
Andrea Faulds
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