[57north-discuss] SpaceClean - Part 1

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Thu May 17 09:50:31 BST 2018

Hello All,

I'll be dropping off about 6 large packing boxes to Union St this morning for use, if we think we need more give me a shout.

I'll be at the engage space from about lunchtime, I'll be measuring the upstairs and calculating building materials.

Thanks Andy for the list or materials, I'll get my list made up tomorrow morn, to everyone else, A list of things to say if you have,

* Plasterboard
* Thick Waterproofing Sheet
* Timber for Studs/Shelving
* Concrete mix.
* 2.5 twin and earth.
* Electrical Conduit
* Electrical Double Sockets.

And anything else you think would be usefull.


On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 04:30:56PM +0100, Hibby wrote:
> Hi friends!
> Tomorrow night, some of us are heading along to the new space to help our new landlord tidy it out - a couple of extra hands to help move boxes of plates and such into his van would be excellent. 
> Following that, if there's time it'd be really cool if we could head back to 35a union st and continue the tidying & packing that was started there last night.
> We need to do a whole load of stuff before we are out, including dismantling the standing desks, packing books in boxes, seeing if there's any nonsense we can throw out...
> Meet @ Engage at 6pm Thursday 17th May!
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