[57north-discuss] Spending on new space

Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Thu May 31 13:35:50 BST 2018

I'd like to clear up who's paying for what in the fit out of the new

I know some people have taken responsibilty for sorting out some
components (Peter handling doors, Iain doing lights/network/...,
anyone else picked up something?). We have costings for main fit out
(that we don't yet have enough money to cover - expect details of fund
raising/begging in the near future). But don't have plans to be
spending on anything else.

I'm hoping that's because the people handling this are donating the
required stuff and we wont need to spend space money on it :) But I do
want to be sure that is the case, and not have an unexpected bill for
stuff that the space can't actually afford to pay, or have stuff that
is only being loaned and some component of our locks/lights/whatever
being taken back by their owner.

Spending space money has to be approved by the board according to
Space Corp. Directive 99. If anything is needed that isn't being
donated, let us know what's needed and why and we can get back to you
with a yes or no on if the space can/will pay for it.

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