[57north-discuss] Tuesday Openday

Tom Jones tj at enoti.me
Tue Nov 6 09:39:24 GMT 2018

On Tue, Nov 06, 2018 at 10:15:48AM +0100, dococassi at boukom.com wrote:
> Hello Hackers.
> We will be open and welcoming tonight at 7 on Scene Terrace
> https://57north.org.uk/contact
> I'll be in, not sure what yet may be looking at air quality monitors , or heating controls.
> And possibly LoRaWAN.
> Will you be in?
> What Will you be working on?

I am too far away to come in and it will be Wednesday for me by the time
any of you lot show up.

> And possibly LoRaWAN.

Have you played with it yet? It would be cool if you were using our
gateway (UoA), but maybe RGU's gateway has reach into the city.

- [tj]

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