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Alfie Pates alfie at alfiepates.me
Mon Apr 15 11:20:35 BST 2019

Hi Iain,

This is very cool - I have been wanting to play with the pcE boxes for a while.

However, I've got a few concerns. Primarily, this does not sound super maintainable, and also sounds a little bit more broken than it was before. Is there any firewalling in place, etc?

I am currently running a bsdrp router alongside my Juniper setup at home and I am quite familiar with now unmanageable these boxes can get if you're not intimately familiar with BSD networking.

I would maybe suggest that the Er-X is the better device for this - it may not quite be the awesome open-source gateway that we'd *like* to have in the space, but it's a lot more maintainable by more people.

Re: switches, I've had a few of the various Netgear managed switches - the CLI is an absolute horror and the web interface doesn't always "take". My home network is currently hanging off a managed TP-link switch which didn't cost very much and is a lot friendlier. My last Netgear also went pop and decided not to do PoE once, taking an access point with it.

DN42 is exciting, however. More of that! 

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