[57north-discuss] Laser

Edward Watson mail at edwardwatson.co.uk
Fri Jan 18 23:01:05 GMT 2019

On Thu, 17 Jan 2019 at 22:52, Robert McWilliam <rmcw at allmail.net> wrote:
> I've had a bit of a play with the laser this evening.
> I think we could now hook up the cooling and extraction and try the laser.
Awesome. I would like to be there for that.

> For anything more than small test fires I think the TOOD list is:
>  - Something to get the heat out of the laser cooling water [0]
Would something like this work?
With a bits-box fan behind?

>  - Temp and flow monitoring of that water [1]
A factor for consideration of the controller, its software and
interface I would say.

>  - Filtering the exhaust
Maybe a knock up a wooden downdraft extractor that the cutter sits on
via shelf of filter paper. It can also cool too I guess.
Looking at the cutter, there is an off-centre coke-can sized hole in
the floor pan that the extractor could draw from.

>  - Replacing mirrors
 Can someone in the know get me the part number so I can source these?


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