[57north-discuss] Hackspace visitors, Vulca on Saturday evening

Andy Gaskell ag at ssofb.co.uk
Thu Jan 24 12:09:49 GMT 2019


Thomas and Alex from Vulca in France are touring hackspaces in the UK and
Ireland.  So in between Dundee and Findhorn, they're stopping in Aberdeen
on Saturday evening and night, from around 7 or 8pm.

So, was thinking we could give em a warm welcome down the space, show them
around, swap hacking tales over tea/coffee/mate/beer and all the usual
things.  Any suggestions for things visiting hackers would like to see and

Vulca tour: https://twitter.com/ProgramVulca/status/1080389187323510784
Vulca: https://twitter.com/ProgramVulca
Thomas: https://twitter.com/sanz_thomas
Alex: https://twitter.com/rousselet_alex
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