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1. Your Name (nick):


2. Your Background

'A leisurely walk through the sciences' is how I explain my lack of
direction in my undergrad studies - Astrophysics to Atmospheric physics
along side Materials Engineering, then changed to materials science. While
I was learning about our atmosphere I got very passionate about mitigating
anthropologically forced climate change (obvs) so i transferred to
sustainable energy management, then I was finding that a bit bland and not
scientific enough so I transferred (again) to an undergrad BSc in Physics
and Nanotechnology (which I just finished, yay!) and I have one more unit
to complete my minor in computational and applied mathematics... so as you
can imagine that is fun to explain in a job interview...... open to
suggestions on masters.. its between an MBA and a nanotech masters right
now... PhD next! (hopefully, someday...)

Professionally - I have started up businesses with my family off the back
of our core business (printing), and have worked in start ups and NGOs in
Melbourne (Aus, where im from) so im really keen to get involved in this
area again.

I currently work in O&G as a data analyst (trying to 'change it from the
inside....' ask me how that is going.....) and have some good skills in
data and engineering etc but still a ways to go.

3. Your Hacklab-related Interests

I went along to the Code the City event at aberdeen uni for the LuftDaten
sensors - It was really challenging and we didn't get as far as I thought
we would, and im really stubborn so want to keep on going with it. It was
great to be able to improve my python skills along side some really
brilliant people and I felt really energised to be back in the 'start up
vibe' kinda environment.

4. What knowledge can you bring hacklab community?

I would love to bring my ideas and passion for technology to the community,
and hopefully contribute towards your collective goals.I have been in
Aberdeen 5 years now and haven't really found a 'community of like minded
souls' so I would love to get to know your community and contribute with
enthusiasm, and burgeoning knowledge of data. I work as a data analyst in
my day to day - and try to empower all of my colleagues with the power of
data, always sending the message that 'data is easy and fun' as opposed to
data is exclusive and unattainable.

>From the two sessions I have done in your space I feel the openness of
thoughts and ideas which I really admire.

5. What do you wish to learn from the hacklab community?

More about everything tech and data - I want to use this as a time to
practice python, continue the luftdaten project (and remember to update the
GitHub, and learn how to use GitHub properly :D )

6. Link to photo (not essential but useful)


Thanks All, hope I make the cut :D

(p.s. better edward?!? haha)


On Tue, 11 Jun 2019 at 21:08, Jayne Copeland <jmacleodcopeland at gmail.com>

> Hello All,
> My Name is Jayne.
> I love data, and am working to get better at it, and making data dance :)
> I found out about hackspace from coming along to the aberdeen air quality
> hack (second session) where I really enjoyed learning more about the hacker
> culture. I work as a data analyst so want to gain better skills in
> scripting to help make the maths in my head come to life :)
> I can bring enthusiasm for maths, science (physics and nanotechnology
> degree with a minor in computational and applied maths) and experice in the
> energy industry (which I am trying to change from the inside, with the
> power of data :) ).
> I would love to learn more about the great big world of technology, and
> specifically to get better at Python.
> I dont have a link to a photo right now, sorry! :)
> Regards
> Jayne
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