[57north-discuss] Co-op Talk With Bonobo and Krakatoa

Midder midder at protodox.com
Fri Mar 1 10:24:22 GMT 2019

Hello Everyone,

I little personal plug I'll be hosing a talk organised by the Aberdeen
Anarchists about co-operative organisations at the TUC Office on 22A The
Adelphi. This Sunday the 3rd at 2pm.

--- SNIP ---
Cooperatives are a way for individuals (e.g. workers, residents, consumers etc.) to get together and build a structure that includes themselves in the decision making. Ultimately, it allows people to have more control over their lives and to actively better society. 

For this event, two local co-ops, Bonobo (Vegan Cafe) and the Black Cat Worker Collective (the people behind the tiki bar Krakatoa), will be joining us for a discussion on the value, the ethics, and the practicalities of co-ops.
--- SNIP ---

If anyone is interested to find out more come along or pass it on to
people who you think may be interested.


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