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Edward Watson mail at edwilldesign.com
Tue Mar 5 00:12:11 GMT 2019

Hi Iain. Thanks for your email of suggestions. The goal is sound but some
operational notes spring to mind, should others follow suit.

Just quickly, is it safe to assume that by said not to 'lawyer your way out
of it' you are basically wishing to avoid spurious arguments made to keep
items? If so I would agree. If not, do clarify via followup.

A wiki page with photos seems a wider-reaching way to go. We did an email
version sucessfully before in the last space so a wiki page seems a good
next step since it means people who cannot physically access the space can
see/vote on a shared platform.

Can you confirm you are placing 'warning' statements on physical items? If
all members did this we'd have to clean stickers off items that were kept,
plus the wording is not conducive to it being a member suggestion.

As other members may wish to take part, would you be offended if I took
pics of your marked items on Tuesday, made wiki page of them with note
areas for members to attribute their names against for suggested rehoming?
I would seek to remove the stickers only when fully transferred.


On Mon, 4 Mar 2019, 22:54 Iain R. Learmonth, <irl at fsfe.org> wrote:

> Hi All,
> The following items have been identified as taking up more space than
> they are useful. Each of these items has had a large item removal
> warning attached to it.
> These warnings are completely made up and have no basis in either the
> articles of association, the rules or elsewhere. Attempts to lawyer
> yourself out of a warning would just be silly.
> Please recognise that you are a member of an association that has a
> *shared* space and that a fellow member is raising an issue with your
> use of the space.
> You may raise counter-issues but please keep everything pragmatic.
> I propose that these items be free for disposal/hacking/taking away if
> their presence has not been justified within 2 weeks to the satisfaction
> of other members.
> Thanks,
> Iain.
> ---------
> 1. Robot Vacuum / Under main shelves / Social Room
> This actually is one of my items. It is non-functional and so cannot yet
> serve as a shared resource. I will post a separate mail about this
> shortly. If you are responsible for one of the above items, you might
> want to use my mail as an example.
> ---------
> 2. 2x CRT Oscilloscopes / Rear desk / Social Room
> I've not seen these used and they do take up a lot of space. At the very
> least we could reduce the number to 1 and build it into a shelf or
> something. Even better though would be to get rid of both and replace
> with a digital scope.
> ---------
> 3. HP Tower Computer / Under front desk / Social Room
> I remember the discussion about this being donated, but I don't see that
> anyone has adopted this project to get the machine running. If someone
> is working on this please speak up, maybe others could chip in to help.
> If not, we should consider removing it.
> ---------
> 4. Large Black Case / Under main shelves / Social Room
> This looks like a useful case. Is it meant to be a shared resource?
> Maybe we can document this. If this is a personal item then it is really
> too large and we should remove it.
> ---------
> 5. Cool Looking Typewriter / On main shelves / Social Room
> This looks like a cool project and I'd like to know more about it, but
> also it is using up a whole members box worth of space. Can the owner
> speak up on the mailing list?
> ---------
> 6. Light Panel from Union Street / Under main shelves / Social Room
> This isn't used anymore and seems to have had its insides stripped out.
> To be able to hoover under the shelves I have tidied the cables away
> inside the box but I didn't cut anything to ensure that if someone did
> have plans for it then I wouldn't be ruining them. Are there plans?
> ---------
> 7. UV LED Clock Sign / Rear desk / Social Room
> This is taking up a lot of space, but could be better organised and take
> up less space. I spoke to Rob about this in IRC and he tells me that
> lots of work is planned to improve the situation. It would be good to
> hear more about this work on the mailing list. As there is *currently* a
> problem, I have attached a warning notice.
> ---------
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