[57north-discuss] Cleaning and tidying update

Iain R. Learmonth irl at fsfe.org
Thu Mar 14 14:02:18 GMT 2019

Hi All,

Please read this whole email, I am proposing changes and would like to
give opportunity for members to object before I implement them.

I was in last night for cleaning and tidying. A couple of things to note:

* The bins could have done with emptying. The general waste bin was
about 80% full, which means that it's going to be 160% full by the end
of the next open night if waste production is constant. The recycling
bin does not use bags and can be emptied at any time.
* There was a lot of sawdust under a bench in the workshop. I have
hoovered this up, but please clean up after yourself if you are doing
dirty work. Sawdust and other dusty things especially can get tracked
around the space on people's shoes and make it a lot harder to keep
everything clean. Try to leave things as tidy or tidier than you found it.
* There was a Raspberry Pi charger left on the desk in the social room.
Does this belong to someone? Should it have gone in your box or is this
just for anyone to use? This isn't using much space but if no one can
confidently answer questions like this then we end up being scared to
move it in case someone gets upset that their unlabeled abandoned
Raspberry Pi charger was left on a shared workspace and got moved.
* There are a ton of empty cardboard boxes. These do take up
considerable space. Is anyone saving Club Mate boxes for any particular
reason? The packing pellets from those boxes are getting everywhere, I
find more every time I hoover. There is one Club Mate box in the
workshop with an M&S bag with a sweater in it. What is this? Why is it
* Other boxes that I would like to get rid of include the Shop Vac box.
We love the Shop Vac, it is great, but do we need to keep the box?
* I have written up some draft rules for managing our members' storage
area. They are available on the wiki at:
https://wiki.57north.org.uk/index.php/Member_Storage. I would like to
implement these rules soon, and will do so if there are no objections.
Those in violation of the policy will be contacted after its
implementation to work out how they would like to comply.


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