[57north-discuss] Member Application Intro

Michael Shaw ardvarticus at gmail.com
Wed May 15 13:14:38 BST 2019

 1. Your Name (nick): 
 Michael (ardvarticus)
 2. Your Background
  Long time armchair engineer, wanted to build a CNC laser cutter out of scavenged printer parts and DVD burners since I was about 12. Somehow derailed from that career path and now I’m a doctor (the medical kind - the body is like a complicated machine with poor documentation, right?). 
 3. Your Hacklab-related Interests
 I like making physical stuff. I like making machines that make physical stuff. I also like photography/videography. I think flying things are cool.
 4. What knowledge can you bring hacklab community?
 Some experience with low-budget CNC machines, 3D printing, and casting with silicone and epoxy resin. And with designing things in Autodesk Inventor and Fusion. A little electronics, mostly digital, mostly with MCUs (mostly Arduino). Also a smattering of C++, but not conversationally. Sometimes Photo/videography ± macro (Lightroom, PS, FCP).
 5. What do you wish to learn from the hacklab community?
 More hands-on knowledge and experience with designing and fabricating things, and the embedded electronics/firmware bit that makes interesting things do interesting things.
 6. Link to photo (not essential but useful)

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