[57north-discuss] wiki.57north.org.uk Migration

Iain R. Learmonth irl at fsfe.org
Thu Apr 9 23:26:05 BST 2020

Hi All,

Changes are happening with our hackerspace wiki and action may be required.

The server that has hosted the wiki since the formation of 57North
Hacklab is to be retired and we are taking this opportunity to simplify
the service and also to diversify the responsibility for maintaining it.

The simplification part means that we are migrating from Semantic
MediaWiki to DokuWiki. This is not a simple task and tooling is not
readily available that is compatible with our setup. The majority of the
content has been migrated, including all uploaded content, however there
are still pages relating to projects and workshops that have not been

Those pages are listed here:





Many of these pages refer to projects long abandoned, and tools long
thrown away. If there is content you would like to migrate, please get
signed up for an account and get editing.

To get signed up for an account you will need to talk to our new wiki
admins team. This new team will handle the day-to-day activities running
the wiki service while I continue to ensure the system that runs it
remains stable and secure. Our new wiki team consists of hibby, who has
a lot of experience running DokuWiki from the Scottish Consulate, and
Nordin, one of our top wiki contributors. I would like to thank them for
volunteering for this role.

The old wiki will remain online until the end of the month at:
https://oldwiki.hackr.org.uk/. This is a hard deadline. We allow read
access via the API for producing exports if you would like to make your
own backup of the wiki before this time. If you do this, be aware that
you will need a namespace aware API client, otherwise just as with the
import tool that was used for the migration to DokuWiki, you'll end up
missing the above linked pages.


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